/Ten things you (probably) didnt know about Patrick Reed

Ten things you (probably) didnt know about Patrick Reed

We’ve chosen a selection of new Honorary Life Member Patrick Reed’s most interesting stories and traits you may be unaware of.

1)      He entered Qualifying School in Europe in 2011

Fresh from leading Augusta State University to two NCAA Division I titles in consecutive years, Reed turned professional in the summer of 2011 and after three starts on the US PGA Tour decided to try and make the grade across the Atlantic.

The then-21 year old progressed through First Stage in Crewe, England, then also made it through Second Stage in Murcia, Spain, before failing to make the four-round cut at the gruelling six-round Final Stage in Catalunya.


Reed tried his luck on the second-tier European Challenge Tour in 2012, where he finished tied 37th in an event held in Colombia. Later that year he would earn a US PGA Tour card through their Q-School – and the rest is history.

2)      He’s a big fan of the band Imagine Dragons

Reed’s qualification for the US PGA Tour in 2012, coincidentally, coincided with the release of one of his ‘favourite’ songs – “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons.

During his first season on the US PGA Tour in 2013, Reed told Golf Digest that he loved “Radioactive” because: “It’s the perfect tempo to swing to—and it pumps me up.”

Reed’s obsession with the hit single was even referenced when he holed a putt to become Masters Champion last year, with commentator Nick Faldo quoting the song: “welcome to the new age, the new age.”

3)      He’s very superstitious

As well as using music as a key part of his routine, Reed also relies on a number of quirks going into every round, as he explains below:

“I’ve only played balls with the number three. I always have exactly 12 balls in my bag. I mark my ball tails-side up with a 1927 quarter. I carry exactly six tees in my pocket, and if I start breaking them, I have to get down to zero tees before I reload a fresh six.”

4)      His Masters win is ‘special for being wife’s favourite number’

When it comes to Reed and numbers, he will always remember the number six. His victory at Augusta was his sixth win as a professional, giving it added significance because six is his wife Justine’s favourite number.

“To be able to get that Major win, and to have it be my sixth win, and for it to be my wife’s favourite number – number six – to me is a perfect scenario and a perfect story,” he said.


5)      He has saved his wife’s life

Following a practice round in Florida in 2014, Reed’s wife was taking a bath in their hotel room while Reed was in bed watching TV. Following sounds of a struggle, he went to check on her to find Justine under water, shaking and splashing.

After he performed the Heimlich manoeuvre, she coughed up water and started breathing again. Doctors later said if he had discovered the seizure, which caused the incident, 15 seconds later she would have died.

6)      Gets inspired for The Ryder Cup by watching “The Patriot”

In August of 2016, one month before The Ryder Cup at Hazeltine National, Reed revealed in an interview with Golf Digest that it was ‘this time of year’ when he ‘re-watched The Patriot’.

“There’s this scene where the Americans are in a battle against the British and retreating,” he said.

“At which point Mel Gibson’s character retrieves an American flag, turns toward the British and charges headlong into them. The other colonists, seeing this, turn and follow. It totally turns the tide. That’s the spirit I try to play with in The Ryder Cup. It’s far from life or death, but I think pride, determination and passion can take you a long way.”


7)      He has used The Ryder Cup as a microphone

After his outstanding performance in The Ryder Cup in 2016 – which saw him claim 3.5 points from five matches – Reed and his team mates, quite rightly, celebrated into the early hours of the morning.

In a radio interview the following day Reed revealed that although he drank no alcohol, he did take part in a ceremony involving the Ryder Cup trophy and all the members of his triumphant team:

“We took the trophy over to a room where it was just the main guys in the room – the players, captain and assistant captains – and every one of us used the trophy as a mic,” he said.

“Every player had to hold the trophy and say something, whether it was something they are thankful for or something they really appreciate that happened during the week. It was really cool to hear the guys reflect.”


8)      He loves driving on the German Autobahn

In both 2017 and 2018 Reed played in the Porsche European Open in Hamburg. Aside from enjoying the challenge of competing with the European Tour’s elite players, the car enthusiast also couldn’t enough of the Autobahn motorway – famous for having no speed limit.

“To be able to go over and test drive some of the cars, and drive on the Autobahn, is very special,” he said. “In the United States you can’t experience anything like that unless you go to a track.”

9)      He likes to collect antiques

During last year’s Aberdeen Standard Investments Scottish Open Reed took part in a Hickory Challenge, where he used an old set of hickory golf clubs for the first time. He enjoyed the experience so much that he went to antique seller Jack White’s, in the town of Gullane, where he purchased his own custom set of the old-fashioned clubs.

“I’ve never hit hickory clubs before or an old golf ball like that,” he said. “I hit it really solid and it came of the face absolutely perfectly. I’ve always thought about trying to use some old equipment and just mess around with it in the house. I finally found a spot that had them so I actually got a set and I can’t wait to take them home.”

10)   Off the course he always wears cowboy boots

When kicking back at home Texas native Reed enjoys wearing slightly unusual footwear…

“I wear cowboy boots pretty much everywhere I go,” he said. “Once you get a pair of cowboy boots broken in, they’re as comfortable as a pair of socks. I have more pairs of boots than I do tennis shoes. I’ll dash out to grab takeout, and I’ll find myself in a t-shirt, sweatpants and my boots. Cowboy boots are a Texas thing.”


*Reed does not own these boots, yet….

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